Today I have decided to finally try out my new purchase: The Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, in the appropriate environment, the studio; with a Rapid Box from Neewer (this also recently bought for around 30€ on Amazon, including the flash bracket for it).

mamiya rz67 pro ii e rapid box della neewer
Rapid Box + Bracket:

Let’s Start

I choose to shoot a roll (120 format) of Ilford HP5 PLUS; this choice was dictated by various factors, first of them my knowing of the film stock.
Secondly black & white shows really well the light falling on the subject so it is perfect to see the effect that the Rapid Box has on the flash (a Yongnuo YN560 III:, paired with the wireless transmitter:

Ilford HP5 e Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
Ilford HP5:

With the light setup I went with a classic 45° on a side and 45° from above, taking care to place the box near the face of the model to obtain a softer light.
That’s because the CLOSER the light is, the SOFTER the shadows will be; vice versa if you bring the light further away from the subject you will have sharper shadows.
At first glance it might seems nonsense but the ground rule says that the bigger the light source, the more diffused will be light, and with bringing the box closer we are just making the source bigger!

But without further ado, let’s see the results!


All shoot at 1/250 and f4 (Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with the 90mm f3.5)

The film roll was developed in Ilfotec HC (1+31), my favourite developer: it lasts forever and it’s great if you want to push the film (even if in this case I shot it at “box speed“).
I have scanned the negatives with an old Epson 4490 Photo, using VueScan and ColorPerfect (I’m going to make a guide on how I scan my negatives soon).

Final Thoughts

I consider myself satisfied with the results, the camera works flawlessly, same thing the box (and for that price I consider myself pleasantly surprised!).
Soon I’ll make a proper review of the Mamiya RZ67 but not before putting some more rolls through it.

In the meantime I invite you to follow me on my Instagram account and visit the print Shop, I’ve also made a short video during this shooting, here it is!

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